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The Dream Center is investing in the city on the Southeast side and has a laser focus on supporting and advocating for improved quality of life for all residents on the Southeast side of Fort Wayne. To do this, the Dream Center is willing to work in collaboration with community stakeholders and those who have the same goals of highlighting the good things happening on the Southeast side of Fort Wayne. The Dream Center does recognize that there are stereotypes that come with the Southeast side. The Dream Center intends to break those stereotypes by partnering with Organizations, Businesses, Churches, senior citizens, and youth so that the true story of Fort Wayne Southeast can be told.

The foundation of any state is the education of its youth.


Our Mission

Our Mission

The dream center is committed to improving the lives of southeast residents through education, workshops, and community support by empowering them to achieve more and fulfill their dreams.

Classmates in Library
Local Business Partners

Our Vision

As community partners, committed to building a movement of - citizens that will become leaders in the community.

Our Values

We will maintain the highest level of integrity and concern for all residents in Southeast

Fort Wayne Indiana

Kids Running
Colleagues Working Together

Our Goals

The Dream Center will provide opportunities for individuals to achieve and transform their lives, by offering the tools, education, and community  support,  so this can be realized.

We Need Your Support Today!

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